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China's cross-border e-commerce import and export increased nearly 10 times in five years

On May 20, China-Singapore Finance and Economics Vice Minister of Commerce Sheng Qiuping said at a press conference on the theme of "This Decade of China" on the 20th that according to customs statistics, China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports have increased by nearly 10 times in five years. Last year, the scale reached 1.92 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.6%. Cross-border e-commerce has greatly lowered the professionalization threshold of international trade, enabling a large number of small and micro entities who cannot do, cannot do, or cannot do it to become operators of new types of trade. Sheng Qiuping said that in recent years, with the advancement of Internet technology and the development of the digital economy, major changes have taken place in international trade, and cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly from scratch. Cross-border e-commerce breaks through the limitations of time and space, reduces the intermediate links of trade, solves the problem of information asymmetry between supply and demand, provides new development opportunities for more countries and more small and medium-sized enterprises, and reflects the inclusiveness and inclusiveness of trade. sexual development. Sheng Qiuping said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has led to changes in consumer behavior, the online shopping demand of consumers in various countries has surged, and the development of cross-border e-commerce is gaining momentum. In this context, my country's cross-border e-commerce has continued to grow rapidly. Since 2015, the State Council has approved the establishment of 132 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in six batches, covering 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. In 2018, my country innovatively introduced cross-border e-commerce retail import supervision policies, and gradually expanded the pilot scope to 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. Sheng Qiuping introduced that the Ministry of Commerce, together with various departments and localities, has replicated and promoted nearly 70 mature experiences and innovative practices across the country. We have also actively participated in international cooperation and proposed China's Program, and signed e-commerce cooperation memorandum with 23 countries. At present, many countries and regions have their own local cross-border e-commerce platforms. Relying on the advantages of manufacturing and market, Chinese local enterprises have developed rapidly, accumulated a lot of practical experience, and emerged a number of world-leading cross-border e-commerce platforms. Sheng Qiuping said that at present, more than 30,000 companies have registered on the online comprehensive service platform of the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. At the same time, cross-border e-commerce companies can better meet the personalized and customized needs of overseas consumers by creating a flexible supply chain that gathers elements and responds quickly. Sheng Qiuping mentioned that China's cross-border e-commerce not only sells globally, but also buys globally. While enriching the supply in the domestic market and better meeting people's needs for a better life, it also injects new momentum into global trade and investment. In recent years, ambassadors from many countries in China have brought goods live and actively promoted their own products, such as pink salt from Pakistan, rose water from Bulgaria and other special products, which have become Internet celebrities and are widely welcomed by consumers. Many high-quality brands have entered China through e-commerce. The market took root in the future and ushered in new development opportunities. Finally, Sheng Qiuping said that we hope that enterprises from all countries will strengthen exchanges and mutual learning, and contribute to the healthy development of the cross-border e-commerce industry and the recovery of the global economy after the epidemic. We also hope that governments and business organizations of various countries will actively participate in international cooperation and continuously optimize the business environment. Provide better guidance and services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises.
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